Sell Gas Royalties in Texas

If you are looking to sell gas royalties in Texas now is a good time to do it.  With the current state of the market and oil prices are still much lower than they were in the past.  Many mineral buyers are looking to purchase natural gas mineral rights.  If you own either a mix of or all natural gas wells and you are looking to sell, now may be the right time to sell gas royalties in Texas.

When to Sell Your Gas Royalties in Texas

Recently, crude oil prices largely have been recovering from a huge decline over the past months due to Russia and Saudi Arabia attempting to capture U.S. market share.  On top of that, the Coronavirus pandemic has significantly reduced global oil demand and created a stock pile of inventory that will take some time to work off as the world gets back to the new “normal”.   All of these factors working together have created a good environment for selling gas royalties in Texas.  Mineral rights buyers are looking to buy natural gas wells as they have not and are not as susceptible to the current market trends in crude oil prices.

How to Sell Your Gas Royalties in Texas

Figuring out how to get started when you do decide to sell your gas royalties in Texas can be the biggest hurdle.  Unfortunately, there is no one stop source to get information on how to be successful when you wish to sell your gas royalties in Texas.  There are many ways to go about selling.

Many times if your minerals are located in a desirable location you will get letters in the mail with offers to buy them.  These letters are often called teaser letters as they can easily give you a false impression of what your minerals may be worth.  If you do receive such a letter, look for leading words such as, in your area, or in the range of.  Both of those indicate the letter you have is not an actual offer but a letter that is leading you to contact them to give you an actual offer, or maybe not.  Relying on letters received in the mail can be an easy way to be taken advantage of and could lead to you leaving funds that should be in your pocket in the hands of buyers.

Another way many mineral owners go about trying to sell is by asking their friends and family if they have sold.  While word of mouth can be a good way to learn of new products and information that does not guarantee you the best price when selling.  If the person telling you who they sold to did not get full market value you could potentially walk away with much less than your gas royalties in Texas are worth.

For these and many more reason we suggest using a mineral rights broker when you decide to sell your gas royalties in Texas.  By using a broker, you are ensuring you are working with an experienced company that is familiar with the market and the procedure of selling mineral rights.  We suggest US Mineral Exchange as a reputable company that has been in business since 2012 and has strong google reviews.  Using a reputable mineral rights broker can help ensure that when you sell you are getting the most market exposure which leads to the best offers.

How to Get Maximum Value

One of the best ways to ensure you get the most from the sale of your gas royalties in Texas is to get your mineral rights in front of as many mineral buyers as possible.  Just like if you were selling your car, you would not just tell one person it was for sale and hope they gave you the most money for it.  Advertising your car for sale in as many places as you could would be the wisest course of action.  Listing it for sale in the newspaper, putting it online, parking it with sale signs on the car itself, would all be ways to get your car in front of more potential buyers.  Working to get your car out in front of as many potential buyers as you possibly could would help ensure that you found that one buyer that will pay you the most for your car.  Mineral rights and gas royalties are no different when it comes to selling.

Getting your gas royalties in front of the largest audience of buyers will help ensure that you get the maximum value back in your pocket from the sale.  Truly the only way to ensure you are selling for market value is by getting multiple offers from multiple reliable mineral buyers.  Both of those factors are important to your sale.  Ensuring the mineral buyer you are working with is reliable and trustworthy and ensuring that you are getting full market value from the sale.

Finding mineral buyers online can be hard to do.  While there are many websites that say they buy mineral rights, it is impossible to know if they are giving you the highest market value.  Even if you get two offers on your own, those offers could vary greatly, then how do you know which is accurate.  There are thousands of mineral buyers out there and finding the right one that will value your minerals the highest can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.  This is why it can be so helpful to use a mineral broker.  Many brokers will have a larger platform to get your mineral rights in front of as many mineral buyers as possible and find that one mineral buyer that will pay the highest value for your mineral rights.

Mineral Rights Value

Determining the value of your gas royalties in Texas can be done in a few ways.  You want to make sure any offers you are receiving are in the ball park of fair market value.  One way to determine mineral rights value is by calculating the royalties using our royalty calculator below.  That can give you an idea of range of value, but is not a fail safe way to know the actual sales value of your mineral rights.  There are many factors outside of just royalties that can play a role in what mineral buyers are willing to pay for gas royalties in Texas.

Things such as what county the wells are located, who the operator of the wells are and the decline curve of the wells, and many more things all also play a role in mineral rights/gas royalties value.

To get a full picture of what mineral buyers would be willing to pay you must get multiple offers from multiple mineral buyers and compare them.  Doing so will help ensure that you find that one mineral buyer that will value your gas royalties the highest and pay you the highest market value for your mineral rights.  That is another reason using a mineral rights broker can help you get the most value, they have access to mineral rights buyers that you, as the seller, would not.


Most buyers will pay between 4 years and 6 years of production based on the average monthly royalty check you receive. Enter your average monthly royalty check below to see how much your royalty could be worth.

A Good Time to Sell Gas Royalties in Texas?

As stated previously the market place to sell gas royalties in Texas right now is good.  Many mineral buyers are looking specifically for gas wells to purchase as a long term investment.  Natural gas currently appears more stable than crude oil from a mineral buyers perspective.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the international factors affecting mineral rights, especially crude oil prices, is making the market for selling gas royalties prime right now.  If you had ever thought about selling your gas royalties but wondered how to time it to help ensure you are getting the most from the sale, now is a good time.  The factors that affect value in a positive and upward direction are all at work in the gas royalty buying marketplace right now.

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If you are unsure of what you own but you are getting a check in the mail every month we can help you understand what you are being paid on.  It may be a combination of oil and gas wells and that is a good thing.  As we all know the oil and gas market place will not be going anywhere any time soon.  The market may fluctuate but it will be some time before oil and gas are replaced completely.

If you have any additional questions about how to sell gas royalties in Texas please use our contact for below to reach out to us.  We are always available to provide helpful information to educate you on how to sell your gas royalties in Texas.  It is our pleasure to try and help make the decision of when and how to sell gas royalties in Texas a painless one for you.  We pride ourselves on responding promptly to each inquiry so please reach out.  We look forward to speaking to you!

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