How to Sell Mineral Rights in Texas

How to Sell Mineral Rights in Texas

Want to know how to sell mineral rights in Texas?  If you are thinking about selling mineral rights in Texas you’re in the right place!  This free guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to sell mineral rights in Texas.   If you want to get the highest possible value for your mineral rights, carefully read all the information below.

How to Value Mineral Rights

Before you figure out how to sell mineral rights in Texas, you’re probably wondering about how to value your mineral rights.  Unlike the housing market and stock market where there is a lot of information available, there is very little information for mineral rights!   Your mineral rights could be worth anywhere from $50/acre to $5,000+/acre depending on where they are located.  There are a number factors that will affect the value of your mineral rights that all play a role in how much they are worth.

The best way to get an accurate assessment of the value is to get your property in front of a large audience of buyers!  Imagine you were going to sell your home.   Would you want 1 or 2 buyers to come view the property and make an offer or do you want hundreds of people to stop by and check it out?  The more buyers that know your property is for sale, the more likely you are to get a fair market value.   The key to getting the highest value for your property is getting it in front of a large audience of buyers.  When buyers compete against each other, that means more cash in your pocket!

“The key to getting the highest value for your property is getting it in front of a large audience of buyers.”

How to Sell Mineral Rights in Texas

If you want to sell mineral rights or sell royalties, there are literally hundreds of options available.  A quick google search will show you countless ads from buyers wishing to purchase mineral rights.    Which one do you pick?  How do I know I’m getting a good deal?   It’s almost impossible to figure out where to turn!  Figuring out who to trust is half the battle when you want to know how to sell mineral rights in Texas.

Here are the types of buyers you will run into when you try to figure out how to sell mineral rights in Texas:

Letters in the Mail: We speak with lots of mineral owners who received a letter in the mail to sell mineral rights.  They usually accompany an offer and a offer a quick close.   While you can sometimes find a good deal this way, these offers are usually below market value.   These buyers hope that you aren’t savvy enough to check out your other options!

Local Brokers: There are a number of local mineral rights brokers who offer to help you sell mineral rights.  Unfortunately, these brokers are typically “flippers” who are trying to lock you into a low price and then sell it to someone else at a much higher price.   You can sometimes find a trust worthy broker who does want to help you out.  However, we would caution you that your local broker typically has a small network of buyers they know so the odds are you won’t find the best possible deal.

Real Estate Agents / Attorneys: Many mineral owners make the mistake of enlisting their real estate agent or attorney to help them sell mineral rights.    The problem is that these experts know a lot about real estate and legal practices, but rarely know the best way to sell mineral rights.    The network of people these professional know is typically extremely limited.   If you want the highest possible value, we recommend against both of these options.

Individual Buyer Websites: A quick google search for “Sell Mineral Rights” will yield hundreds of websites offering to purchase your mineral rights.  99.9% of the time these websites represent a single buyer.  While it’s possible you could find just the right buyer for your property visiting each website and asking for an offer, it would be extremely time consuming to do this.  In addition, you have no idea who you are working with when you check with individual websites.

Our Recommendation:

Why do we recommend US Mineral Exchange?  The reason we recommend their service is because they have thousands of buyers who frequent their website wishing to purchase mineral rights.   Instead of visiting a lot of websites and requesting an offer, you can create a single listing at US Mineral Exchange and then let all the buyers to come to you.    We recommend you sell mineral rights in Texas like this for the following reasons:

  • Quality Buyers: You ensure you are working with quality buyers because everyone at US Mineral Exchange is pre-screened.
  • Time: Many mineral owners waste hours trying to find the right buyer, submitting a bunch of information, then waiting for an offer.   When you list at US Mineral Exchange, you create a listing once and then let those buyers come to you.
  • Price: The main reason we recommend US Mineral Exchange is because you ensure that you get the best possible price when all the buyers in the market know your property is available.  With thousands of buyers visiting their website, you can feel comfortable that you are getting your property out there in front of everyone.

Common Mineral Owner Mistakes

If you want to know how to sell mineral rights in Texas, you also need to know how to avoid the common mistakes mineral owners make.  Here is a list of the most common mistakes we see mineral owners make:

  • Documentation: Many mineral owners make the mistake of not having any documentation put together.  If you want to sell mineral rights for the highest possible price, you should have as much documentation put together as possible.   The following documentation is helpful:
    • Deed
    • Lease Agreement
    • Division Order
    • Check Stubs
    • Title Work
    • Ownership Reports
    • Probate / Estate
  • Timing: Selling mineral rights takes time.   If you want to sell your mineral rights as quickly as possible, you may have to settle for a lower price.  You should be comfortable allow 1 to 3 months to market the property, and another 1 to 2 months for due diligence.    Things will sometimes move quicker, but you should plan for it to take a little longer than expected.
  • Price: The most common mistake we see mineral owners make is expecting to get a certain price.  The price they have in mind is usually from rumors they have heard or just a random number they would like to receive.  Your mineral rights are worth what the market is willing to pay today.

Questions about How to Sell Mineral Rights in Texas?

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