Mineral Rights

Are you a mineral owner trying to locate mineral rights buyers?  If so, bookmark this post.  We are going to walk you through everything you need to know about mineral rights buyers. Find out what kind of buyers to look for.  Learn how to get multiple offers quickly.  We will also tell you how to maximize the value when you sell mineral rights.

Types of Mineral Rights Buyers

Lots of mineral owners make the mistake of believing that all mineral rights buyers are the same.   They are not!!! You should be very cautious when searching for buyers.   Some mineral buyers will take advantage of you.   These buyers know that you are unfamiliar with selling mineral rights.  They also know you probably aren’t sure how much your mineral rights are worth.    Here are the different types of mineral rights buyers you may run across:

  • Flipper –  These buyers lock you into a low price, then go to another mineral buyer and sell it for a higher price.  They are not real mineral rights buyers.  These buyers essentially take cash out of your pocket for doing very little work.
  • Low Ball Offer –  The majority of buyers make low ball offers.  They take advantage of mineral owners lack of knowledge.  They make you a below market value offer.  They know you likely won’t take the time to contact a lot of buyers.   Many mineral rights buyers fall into this category.
  • Wealthy Individuals –  There are some wealthy individuals out there who purchase for themselves and pay fair prices.
  • Institutional Buyers –  Many private equity companies and hedge funds who purchase mineral rights.  These buyers typically pay a premium.
  • Mineral Buying Companies –  There are a few mineral buying companies who specialize in the purchase of mineral rights.  They are generally backed by multiple wealthy individuals who contribute the cash to purchase.

Here’s the industry secret that most mineral owners don’t know.   When you do a search for mineral rights buyers on google, you will almost always end up finding flippers and low ball offer buyers websites.  These are the mineral buyers who are going to pay you the least amount when you sell mineral rights.  To avoid these types of mineral rights buyers it’s important to work with an industry expert who will get your property in front of wealthy individuals, institutional buyers, and mineral buying specialist companies.

How to find Mineral Rights Buyers

When you want to find the best mineral buyers the key is working with an industry expert.  For some perspective, there are literally thousands of buyers in the United States.   If you spent hours a day for a month locating mineral rights buyers you would have found less than 1% of the buyers!   Not only would you need to locate these buyers you also need to submit your information and then wait for them to make you an offer.  Talk about time consuming!

The best way to locate mineral rights buyers is to list your property at US Mineral Exchange.   Doing so allows you to quickly get your property in front of thousands of buyers.   After listing your property will be seen by the best mineral buyers.  All the institutional buyers, wealthy individuals, and professional buying companies will know your property is for sale.  These quality buyers will all compete to pay you the highest price.   This competition drives the price up and ensures you get paid the highest possible value.

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