Mineral Rights Buyers
in Texas

If you want to sell mineral rights or sell royalties in Texas, you may be looking for mineral rights buyers.  How do you locate mineral rights buyers?  How do you select the right one?   How do you know you are getting a fair price?  These are all common questions we hear from mineral owners wishing to sell mineral rights.   Use this guide to help you find the best mineral rights buyers in Texas.

The Right Buyer

There are literally thousands of mineral rights buyers in Texas interested in purchasing your rights.  That’s great news, except now you have to find the RIGHT buyer for your property.  Here are some common traits of a good mineral rights buyer in Texas:

  • Not Pushy:  Any buyer who gives you 48 hours (or less) to decide is not a good buyer.  Selling mineral rights in Texas is a big decision and you shouldn’t be forced into anything.
  • Fair Contract: A good mineral rights buyer will provide a fair contract to close.  This means they wont ask for a 90+ day due diligence.  A good buyer will have a 30 day due diligence, an occasionally up to 60 days depending on the circumstances.
  • Funding:  A good buyer is someone who has completed multiple deals this year.  Don’t be afraid to ask the buyer what other properties they have purchase this year.  A good buyer will be active in the market.

Letters in the Mail:  Stay away from buyers who send you letters in the mail.  These buyers are commonly sending you offers that don’t represent fair market value.

How to Locate Mineral Rights Buyers in Texas

The best way to find mineral rights buyers in Texas is to list your property on US Mineral Exchange.  We recommend their service because you can create a single listing and then be connected to thousands of buyers around the country.  Listing your property on US Mineral Exchange is like putting your home on the MLS.  It let’s all the mineral rights buyers know that your property is for sale and gives you an opportunity to bid.    Even better, they screen each buyer to make sure you’re working with the right buyer up front!

We often see mineral owners who spend hours going from website to website submitting information and waiting for an offer back.  When you do this, you are working with a single buyer who is unlikely to be giving you the best possible price.   A single buyer isn’t competing against anyone so they will try and pay you the least amount possible.   This is why it’s important to list at US Mineral Exchange because it means your property get exposure to more buyers.  This ensures that you get a fair price for your property and the highest possible value!

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