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Are you looking for a mineral rights broker in Texas?  If so, you’re in the right spot.  We’re going to show you how to pick the right mineral rights broker.  More importantly, we’re going to show you how to avoid common mistakes mineral owners make.  When you need to sell mineral rights in Texas it’s important to go into the process armed with the right information.   Below is everything you need to know to sell mineral rights for the highest price.

Two ways to sell mineral rights in Texas

When you want to sell mineral rights in Texas, you have two options.  You can do it on your own, or pick a quality mineral rights broker.   We strongly advise against selling mineral rights on your own.   The reason is that there are a lot of pitfalls out there.  You could end up selling more property than you expected.   You could end up losing out on a lot of money because someone flipped your property and cut you out of the proceeds you deserved.   Most importantly,  you are highly unlikely to get the best price doing it on your own.  It’s a fact that working with a reputable mineral rights broker will lead to a better price for you.

Individual Mineral Rights Broker in Texas

You can either look for an individual mineral rights broker, or a company that specializes in mineral rights transactions.  If you decide to go with an individual mineral rights broker, here are a few words of caution.  An individual mineral rights broker is often motivated to help buyers get the best deal.  They may be getting a cut of every deal so they have incentive to keep the price low for their buyer.   If you are working with an individual broker, ask them how much they get paid.   They should be able to tell you how much the buyer is going to pay them for bringing a deal to the table.   Typically 6% is the going rate.   If they won’t tell you how much they are getting paid, you are probably getting taken advantage of.

The most important thing to consider when working with an individual broker is that they usually have a very small network of buyers.   The key to picking a good mineral rights broker in Texas is to find one that has connections to a lot of buyers.  An individual brokers rarely has a lot of good connections.  They usually have a local group of buyers they work for.   They aren’t too concerned about you getting the best price.  They just want to get the property sold and move on.

Our Recommendation

Our recommended mineral rights broker in Texas is US Mineral Exchange.   We recommend this company because they have a history of helping mineral owners get  the best possible price.   By listing your property with a reputable company online, you can avoid all the pitfalls of trying to sell on your own or using an individual broker.   Listing at US Mineral Exchange is like putting your home on the MLS.   As soon as you get listed thousands of mineral rights buyers all over the United States get notified your property is for sale.    When your property is in front of thousands of buyers it creates competition.  This competition drives the price up and ensures that you get the best possible price.

The best thing you can do when you want to sell mineral rights in Texas is pick a good broker.   Doing it on your own is extremely challenging and you’ll almost never get the best price.   Picking an individual broker usually leads to a lower price because they don’t have a big network.   Working with a qualified mineral rights broker like US Mineral Exchange is really your best option.

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