Fair offer to sell
mineral rights in Texas

Did you get an offer to sell mineral rights in Texas?  A lot of mineral owners get an offer and quickly realize they have no idea if it’s fair.   With a short deadline to accept the offer they quickly scramble to find information.  No matter how hard they look they can’t find any good information online.   If you have an offer to sell mineral rights in Texas we can help.  Carefully read the information below.   We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the offer and what steps to take next.   Make sure you sell mineral rights for the highest possible value by avoiding the common mistakes a lot of people in your situation make!

Avoid selling below market value

One of the most common mistakes we see mineral owners make is selling too quickly.  They get an offer to sell mineral rights and quickly sell.  What most mineral owners don’t know is that the first offer you get is rarely the best offer.    Mineral rights buyers in Texas are experts at making you rush into the sale.  They make you an offer and convince you it’s a fair one.  They frequently put a short deadline on the offer.  With no information available to know if the offer is fair, mineral owners accept and hope they got a good deal.  Don’t fall into this trap!

To get the best price possible you absolutely must get competing offers.  Do not be fooled into thinking the offer will expire or that you need to move quickly.  This is a common tactic buyers use to get properties below market value.    To sell mineral rights for maximum value you need to get your property out in front of more buyers.   Once you have multiple bids for your property you can make a more educated decision about the sale.   It’s impossible to know if you have a fair offer to sell mineral rights in Texas without getting multiple offers!

How to Sell Mineral Rights for Maximum Value

Now that you know you need competing offers to see if you have a fair offer, how do you get more offers?  You have two options when you sell mineral rights.  You can do it on your own or you can work with an industry expert.  When you do it on your own you are taking a big gamble.  You have to search through google‘s results and hope that you come across a good buyer.  This is extremely time consuming and not very effective.  You could work on finding buyers on your own and getting bids for weeks and not ever reach 1% of mineral rights buyers.   To get maximum value when you sell mineral rights you need to work with an expert.

To ensure you have a fair offer to sell mineral rights we recommend listing your property at US Mineral Exchange.  When you list your property with a reputable company like US Mineral Exchange your property is exposed to thousands of buyers.   This allows buyers to compete for your property driving the price higher.  This competition ensures that you get the best possible price.  If you want to make sure you have a fair offer to sell mineral rights in Texas, listing at US Mineral Exchange is the way to go.    They make it easy to quickly determine if you’re getting taken advantage of or if the offer is fair.

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