Where to sell royalties
in Texas

Figuring out where to sell royalties in Texas can be a challenge.   It’s not uncommon for royalty owners to quickly get frustrated.  It seems like there’s very little information out there!   When you do manage to find some information, it’s usually out of date or isn’t specific to your situation.   A lot of royalty owners end up selling far below market value.  They get frustrated trying to figure it all out and just sell to the best price they have in hand.   We’ll help you avoid making this costly mistake and show you exactly where to sell royalties in Texas so you get the maximum value possible.

Two ways to sell royalties in Texas

When you want to sell royalties in Texas, or any other state, you have two options.  You can sell royalties on your own or you ca work with a professional.    We’ll cut to the chase and tell you now that selling on your own is almost always a mistake.   Lots of royalty owners try it and that’s why they end up selling far below market value.    Below we are going to discuss the two ways to sell royalties so you can make the right decision.

Work with a professional

When figuring out how to sell royalties in Texas, our recommendation is working with a professional.   We highly recommend US Mineral Exchange.  There are a lot of reasons to work with a professional.    Here are the most important reasons:

  • Maximum Value:  When you want to sell any property, getting that property in front of as many buyers as possible is extremely important.  The more buyers you have bidding on your property the higher it pushes up the price.   This allows you to get the maximum value for your property.   You simply don’t have enough time to reach even 1% of all the royalty buyers out there.  Working with a professional is critical.
  • Legitimate Buyers:  When you sell on your own, you have no idea who you are working with.   There are a lot of shady buyers out there.  These buyers will take advantage of you.  They will be the nicest people you’ve ever met too!  They’ll make you below market value offers and assure you it’s a fair deal.  They’ll flip your property to a real buyer and make a huge profit that should have gone to you.  There are so many ways you can be taken advantage of it’s extremely important you are working with the right buyers.
  • Convenience:  A lot of sellers waste hours trying to figure out how to sell royalties in Texas on their own.  They get a few offers but they don’t even know if they’re fair.  They ultimately end up working with an expert who gets them connected to real buyers.  Skip the hassle and just work with a professional from the beginning.  You’ll get more money and waste less time, it’s a win win.

In addition to the reasons listed above, there are many more reasons why working with a professional is your best option.   We have spoken to many mineral owners who have done it on their own and who have worked with a professional.  Those who listed at US Mineral Exchange had a much easier time getting their property sold and nearly always got a better price.    Figuring our where to sell royalties in Texas is a challenge but working with a professional helps make it simple!

Do it on your own

If you want to sell oil and gas royalties in Texas on your own, be extremely cautious.   The basic process for finding buyers on your own is simple.  You do a quick google search for “where to sell royalties in Texas” or “royalty buyers” and you’ll see ads and websites pop up for hundreds of companies.  You could go through pages of results and never run out of new companies to contact.   If you decide to sell royalties on your own, and we don’t recommend it, here is what you need to watch out for:

  • Real Buyers:  One of the most common tricks people use is to pretend they are a buyer.  They have a full website set up and they say “we buy mineral rights” and “we buy royalties”.  Everything about them appears to be a legitimate company.   However, a lot of these are just random people who set up a website to find leads.  They will even pretend to be buying your property.  They get you locked into a price and then turn around and find a real buyer who can pay substantially more.  They end up pocketing a large amount of money that should have gone to you!  Make sure you are working with the true end buyer.  This can be nearly impossible to figure out unfortunately.
  • Low ballers:  If you do manage to locate a real buyer online, the majority of them will give you a low ball price.  They know that you only have so much time.  They also know that you have no idea what your property is really worth.  They will make a low ball offer and assure it’s a good deal.  When you only talk to a handful of buyers you are hoping to get lucky.   There’s almost no chance you will find a buyer who can pay anywhere near what your property is worth doing it on your own.    Figuring out where to sell royalties in Texas is challenging because even real buyers don’t offer good prices.
  • Closing Process:  When you decide to sell royalties in Texas on your own, you have to handle the closing process yourself.  Are you confident reviewing the mineral deed to ensure they aren’t including extra acreage?  You may own acreage outside of the property you are selling and they may try and slide it into the sale.  You could end up selling more than you originally thought.    You also have to ensure that you are protected from not getting paid.   You don’t want to send them the signed deed which transfer ownership and then they don’t pay you.  An escrow is highly recommended in royalty sales.

When you are trying to determine how to sell royalties in Texas there are so many ways to get taken advantage of.  This is why we recommend against selling oil and gas royalties in Texas on your own.  If you do decide to sell on your own, pay close attention to the warnings above.  These aren’t scare tactics, this is exactly what you will be facing when you sell on your own.  Be careful!

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