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Figuring out where to sell mineral rights in Texas can be a challenge.  A lot of Texas mineral owners find themselves lost.  They decide they want to sell mineral rights but they aren’t sure how.  Who buys mineral rights in Texas?  How do I find them?  Figuring out where to find the right mineral rights buyer is a challenge.   This article will help guide you through the process of locating the best mineral rights buyer for your property.   We’ll show you where to sell mineral rights in Texas to ensure you get maximum value!

Where to sell mineral rights in Texas

Once you know you want to sell mineral rights you have to figure out how.  As a mineral owner there are a few main ways to figure out where to sell mineral rights.  Below is a list of where to sell mineral rights:

Google Search Buyers:  A lot of mineral owners make the mistake of doing a google search and picking buyers are random.  You’ll find hundreds of websites offering to purchase your mineral rights in Texas.  Seems like the most obvious way to sell mineral rights in Texas right?  The problem with going this route is that you have no idea who you are talking to.  There are a lot of buyers out there who are looking to take advantage of you.  They know the market, they know the value of your property, and they will use scare tactics to make you quickly accept an offer.   Even when you do locate a quality mineral rights buyer in Texas, how do you know there aren’t better offers out there?  A lot of mineral owners trying to figure out where to sell mineral rights turn to Google.  In the end they sell mineral rights far below market value!

Local Broker:  Maybe you know a local landman or broker who can help you out.  This is becoming a less common way of selling mineral rights but some people still do it.   When you pick a local broker they are unlikely to have a huge amount of buyers in their network.  They will likely know just a handful of buyers and be able to get you an offer,  but none that are really the best offer.   When figuring out where to sell mineral rights we recommend against picking a local broker that you know.

Attorneys:   We aren’t sure why mineral owners go to their attorney to sell mineral rights, but it happens all the time.  Attorneys are great at reviewing legal contracts but they have no idea how to get your property sold for the highest value.  They may work with some buyers locally but they are no better than just using a local broker.   Avoid using an attorney to sell mineral rights.

Web Based Mineral Marketplace:   This is the route we recommend for all mineral owners.   Savvy mineral owners have started to sell mineral rights online with companies who are experts at the sale of mineral rights.   Doing so allows mineral owners to spend less time figuring out the market, provides them with protection from shady buyers, and allows them to get the highest price!  It’s truly no contest compared to your other options.  If you want to sell mineral rights the right way you need to work with an expert who takes care of it for you similar to selling a home.   Here are our recommendations for the best place to sell mineral rights:

US Mineral Exchange:  If you need to sell mineral rights or royalties in Texas, and the value is less than $10 million, we highly recommend US Mineral Exchange.  They are the leading online mineral rights marketplace for the individual mineral owner.   Mineral owners consistently sell mineral rights in Texas for a higher value by listing at US Mineral Exchange than they do by any other option.   Visit them at:  www.usmineralexchange.com

Energynet:  All the major oil and gas companies (Shell, Devon, BP, Chesapeake, etc) use Energynet to sell their oil and gas holdings valued at greater than $10 million.   This is a great company to list your property with if you own an oil and gas company and need to divest of a multi-million dollar portfolio of properties.  Visit them at:  www.energynet.com

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