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Are you thinking about selling a mineral interest?  Find out how to sell mineral rights for maximum value.  This free step-by-step guide will tell you everything about selling a mineral interest.  We’ll explain all your options and help ensure that you get a fair price for selling a mineral interest.

How to sell a mineral interest

If you are selling a mineral interest there are two ways to get it done.  Similar to selling a home, you can go for sale by owner or you can work with an experienced expert.  When it comes to selling a mineral interest the option you pick will have the biggest impact on how much you sell a mineral interest for.

When selling a mineral interest here are the two options to consider.  Carefully consider each one!

Selling a mineral interest on your own

A lot of mineral owners go this route.  Selling a mineral interest on your own is easy enough.  You can do a quick google search and find buyers.  You may also be receiving lots of letters in the mail.  All you have to do is fill out the form online or reply to an offer letter you received in the mail and take the best price right?  Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

Most mineral owners make the assumption that all mineral rights buyers will pay a similar amount.  That’s simply not true!  For the exact same property you will see a huge difference in the offers.  As an example, we have worked with owners who got offers from $25,000 all the way to $75,000 on a single property.  The range that buyers offer is huge!  Your goal to find the buyer who can pay at the highest end of the range.

The only way to find the best possible price is exposure.  When you sell on your own, you will be talking with just a handful of buyers.  This means the buyers do not have any competition!  Buyers know they don’t have a lot of competition so they make low ball offers.

Selling a mineral interest with an industry expert

Selling a mineral interest with an industry expert is your best option.  There are a lot of benefits to going this route.  An expert knows how to negotiate the best price, will handle contracts, guide the process, and ensure you don’t get taken advantage of.  However, the most important reason to work with an expert is exposure for your property.

By listing your property with an expert you will create competition for your property.  This competition will drive the price higher.  Buyers know they aren’t just talking with you directly.  They know they have to compete with all the other buyers who are evaluating your property.  This forces mineral rights buyers to make the best offer possible.

Our recommended industry expert is US Mineral Exchange.  The reason we recommend their service is that we have spoken to lots of mineral owners who have listed property with them.  After listing their property online mineral owners were able to get a fair price.   Often a mineral owner will have an offer on the table, list it at US Mineral Exchange, and then make significantly more money than their existing offer.  Simply put, there is no better way to get a fair price than listing your property with an industry expert like US Mineral Exchange.

Estimating the value of selling a mineral interest

One of the common questions we get from mineral owners is about value.  Mineral owners want to know how much their mineral interest is worth.  If your property is not leased and not producing, it may be worth $0 to a few hundred dollars per acre.  If your property is currently leased, you can expect 2x to 3x the lease bonus amount.   For property owners who are receiving royalties, you can expect to see 4 years to 6 years time the average amount you get each month.

The above is just a general rule of thumb for mineral rights value.  There are a many different factors that affect value when selling a mineral interest.  Keep in mind that the key to getting the best price is competition.  As long as your property is viewed by thousands of buyers you have the best chance to get the highest possible value when you sell.

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