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Are you considering selling mineral rights?  If so, this free step-by-step guide will help.  We are going to show you how to avoid the #1 most common mineral owner mistake.  Find out how to maximize the value of your property when selling mineral rights.   At the end, we provide a free consultation form.  If you have questions about selling mineral rights we can answer them.

#1 Mistake when selling mineral rights

Over the years we have spoken to a lot of mineral owners.  We have seen many who sell mineral rights far below market value.  Don’t end up like them.  Here is the #1 most common mistake we see mineral owners make:

[alert type=”info” close=”false”]#1 Most Common Mistake:  Selling mineral rights on their own[/alert]

The reason this is the most common mistake is that you will nearly always make less money.  Seriously!  We have seen so many mineral owners fall into this trap.   Selling mineral rights seems easy.   Just google “mineral rights buyers” and you’ll find plenty of websites out there offering to purchase your property.  Not very hard is it!

What mineral owners don’t know is that they are selling mineral rights far below market value.  This happens because most of the websites you find out there are low ball offers and flippers.   These mineral rights buyers know that mineral owners don’t know how much their property is worth.  They also know that you will get tired of the process.   How many website will you visit and fill out all the required information necessary to get an offer?  On average only 3 websites!

Key to selling mineral rights for maximum value

The key to selling mineral rights for maximum value is competition.  There is no other way to ensure that you get the best possible price.  When you create competition for your property it drives up the price.  Multiple mineral buyers competing against one another will make it possible for you to get competing offers.   Without competition, mineral buyers are in control.  They know that you are having a one on one conversation with them.   With no competition they make whatever offer they want and many mineral owners accept!  Don’t fall for this trap!!

If you want to sell mineral rights for maximum value list the property at US Mineral Exchange.   Doing so will get your property in front of thousands of buyers.   These buyers know that your property is also being reviewed by thousands of other buyers.  This forces them to make a fair market value offer.  In many cases these buyers will bid each other up.  This exposure and competition will allow you to realize the best possible price.

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