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Figuring out how to sell royalties for maximum value can be tough.  At Texas Mineral Group we will help guide you through the process.  We will show you exactly how to sell royalties for maximum value in Texas.   We’ll also show you how to estimate the value of oil royalties in Texas.  Before you sell your property, carefully consider the information below.   It could be the difference between selling below market value and getting a fair price!

Estimating Royalties Value

Before you can sell royalties for maximum value in Texas it helps to have an idea of what they are worth.  A lot of mineral go into the process with no clue how much they are worth.   They ask a few buyers for bids and accept whatever offer they get.  Don’t let that be you!  Since you are receiving oil and gas royalties you can estimate value.   Keep in mind that value will fluctuate for a lot of reasons.    The oil royalty calculator below is just a rough estimate.

To get the estimated value of oil royalties in Texas, take the average amount you have received from your last 3 months of check stubs and enter it below.   This will give you the estimated value of what your property is worth.


Most buyers will pay between 4 years and 6 years of production based on the average monthly royalty check you receive. Enter your average monthly royalty check below to see how much your royalty could be worth.

When you eventually sell oil royalties in Texas, the value will depend heavily on a number of factors.  These include the current price of oil, how long the wells have produced, how many wells are producing, future drilling possibilities, any many more!   The above oil royalty calculator for Texas is just an approximate guess at the value.  It does give you at least a ball park number to keep in mind though.

How to Sell Royalties for Maximum Value in Texas

Now that we have a rough estimate of oil royalties value in Texas, we can focus on how to sell royalties for maximum value.   When you want to sell royalties for maximum value it’s important that you avoid the most common mistake.   Many mineral owners end up deciding to sell royalties on their own.   They do a quick google search to look for oil and gas royalty buyers and quickly accept an offer.  Do not fall into this trap!  Doing it on your own seems super simple, and it is, but you will walk away with significantly less money.   To sell royalties for maximum value in Texas it’s extremely important to work with an expert who can guide you through the process.

Our recommendation for selling royalties for maximum value is listing the property at US Mineral Exchange.  There are a lot of benefits you get by working with an expert.   Here are the three most important benefits:

1. Avoid shady buyers:  When you sell royalties in Texas on your own, you never know who you are working with.   You can’t be sure they aren’t taking advantage of you by flipping your property, paying you less than it’s worth, or getting you to sign a contract that has you selling more than intended.   There are a lot of less than ethical oil royalty buyers out there.

2. Maximum Value:  The only way to make sure you sell royalties for maximum value is to get the property in front of a large number of buyers.   You could spend months searching for buyers on your own and reach less than 1% of the royalty buyers in Texas.  There are thousands of potential buyers out there.   The key to sell royalties for maximum value is to list them online and let the buyers come to you.  Doing so creates competition for your property and drives the price up.  This ensures you put the most cash in your pocket.

3. Convenience:  A lot royalty owners are not familiar with what their property should be worth, the contracts they will be signing, or how to make sure buyers aren’t taking advantage of them.   They walk into the process blind and hope for the best.   The truth is that you can sell royalties for maximum value and spend less time doing it by working with an expert.    By listing your property online with an expert like US Mineral Exchange you will save lots of time wasted trying to locate quality buyers, guess if the price is fair, and hope the contracts you sign are fair.

If you want to sell royalties for maximum value in Texas, we recommend US Mineral Exchange because they put royalty owners first.  There are so many people out there trying to take advantage of you that you need an advocate that’s looking out for you.

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