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Considering whether to Sell Marathon Oil Royalties?  If so, this post will help guide you in the right direction.  A lot of people decide to sell Marathon Oil royalties.   Selling royalties can make a lost of sense if you don’t want to hassle with inconsistent income or extra work at tax time.   Below we describe exactly how to sell Marathon Oil royalties for maximum value.

How to sell Marathon Oil royalties for maximum value

Whether you are selling Marathon Oil royalties or royalties from any operator, getting the best price is important.  When you sell oil royalties it’s your last opportunity to get value from your property.  You want to make sure that you get the best possible price.   To sell Marathon Oil royalties for the best price you need lots of royalty buyers to compete for your property.

Competition is the only way to ensure that you get the best price when you sell Marathon Oil royalties.   A lot of mineral owners contact a few buyers online and take the first or second offer they get.  They lose out on thousands of dollars without realizing there is a better way.  You need sell oil royalties in a way that will allow them to fetch the best price.

To sell Marathon Oil royalties for maximum value we recommend US Mineral Exchange.  The reason is that US Mineral Exchange is the leading company that helps mineral owners who want to sell royalties.  They quickly get your property out in front of thousands of prospective royalty buyers.  These buyers then compete against one another.  This competition drives the price as high as possible and ensures the best price for you.

Estimating the value of Marathon Oil royalties

Before you sell Marathon Oil royalties it’s a good idea to get a sense of value.  The value of oil and gas royalties can vary.  However, when you sell Marathon Oil royalties you can expect to get somewhere around 4 years to 6 years times the average monthly check amount.  Use the most recent check amount for the most accurate number.   Put the average monthly amount you get in the calculator below and you’ll get a quick estimate!


Most buyers will pay between 4 years and 6 years of production based on the average monthly royalty check you receive. Enter your average monthly royalty check below to see how much your royalty could be worth.

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