Mineral Rights Value
in Midland County Texas

If you are searching for mineral rights value in Midland County Texas, you’re in the right place.  We can help you better understand the value of your mineral rights in Midland County Texas.    Many mineral owners are considering selling mineral rights, but first they want to know what they are worth.  It’s a tricky question and there is not a lot of good information out there.  We’ll help guide you through everything you need to know.

How to Value Mineral Rights in Texas

When determining the value of mineral rights in Texas, it’s important to find out if you have producing mineral rights or non-producing mineral rights.   If you own producing mineral rights, you will receive a royalty check every month (or few months) based on the production being made.   Producing mineral rights are a little bit easier to value because the monthly checks you receive will give an indication of how much they are worth.  If you want to calculate the value of producing mineral rights, simply type in the average amount you receive each month in the first box of the calculator below:


Most buyers will pay between 4 years and 6 years of production based on the average monthly royalty check you receive. Enter your average monthly royalty check below to see how much your royalty could be worth.

Your mineral rights could be worth more less than the range above, but that’s typically where the value of your mineral rights will fall.   If there is a chance for future drilling, the value of your mineral rights could be substantially higher than the calculator above is telling you.

If you own non-producing mineral rights, this means you do not receive a royalty check for your property.  Your mineral rights are considering non-producing because there is not currently any oil and gas being produced from the ground.    While your mineral rights may still hold value, determining the value is more difficult.  The value of non-producing mineral rights depends on a large number of factors.

Non-producing mineral rights could be worth anywhere from $50/acre to $5,000+/acre depending on the location.  The value of mineral rights in Midland County Texas is typically higher than most other locations, so you can expect to get more than other people with non-producing mineral rights.   Here are some of the factors that affect mineral rights value in Midland County Texas for non-producing mineral rights:

  • Surrounding Production
  • Location within the county
  • Existing leases
  • Operators in your area
  • Oil and Gas Prices
  • Pipeline Infrastructure

As you can see, there are a lot of things that affect mineral rights value in Midland County Texas.

Where to Sell Mineral Rights

Once you have a basic idea of the mineral rights value in Midland County Texas, you may also be thinking about selling mineral rights or selling royalties.   As a mineral owner, you have a single goal when you sell mineral rights.  To get the highest value possible!  Seems obvious right?   So how exactly do you sell mineral rights for the highest possible value?

We recommend you list your property online at US Mineral Exchange.  The reason is that you can create a single listing and get your property in front of a large audience of mineral rights buyers.  When multiple buyers know your property is for sale, you are more likely to get a fair price when you sell royalties or mineral rights in Midland County Texas.

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