Mineral Rights Value
in Webb County Texas

Do you own mineral rights in Webb County Texas?  If so, you’re in a great location!  According to the Texas Railroad Commission, you are in one of the top 10 gas producing counties in all of Texas.  This is great news for the Mineral Rights Value in Webb County Texas because it means your mineral rights are likely very valuable.

How to Value Mineral Rights in Webb County

A common questions we receive at Texas Mineral Group is about the value of mineral rights.  Your mineral rights in Webb County Texas could have significant value depending on where in the county they are located.   While there are a number of factors that affect mineral rights value, we can still give you an approximate idea of your mineral rights value.

Producing Mineral Rights:  If you own mineral rights that are currently producing, this means you are receiving a royalty check every few months.  These royalty checks make it a lot easier to determine the value of your mineral rights!  If you want to determine the mineral rights value in Webb County Texas, simply enter the average amount you receive each month into the first box of the calculator:


Most buyers will pay between 4 years and 6 years of production based on the average monthly royalty check you receive. Enter your average monthly royalty check below to see how much your royalty could be worth.

Non-Producing Mineral Rights:  Haven’t received any royalty checks yet?  That’s ok.  Your mineral rights can still be valuable.  If you have a current lease or if you have signed a division order, it’s possible for royalties to start coming in at some point.   Mineral rights buyers are willing to pay you money for your property based on the amount it could be worth in the future.

How to Sell Mineral Rights

Most mineral owners trying to determiner the value of mineral rights are interesting in selling mineral rights.  If you are interested in selling mineral rights or selling royalties, we recommend you list them online through US Mineral Exchange.  When you list them online, you allow buyers from all over the country to compete for your property.  This means you get true market value for your property!

Many mineral owners make the mistake of getting a single offer (or two) and then selling mineral rights for below market value.  This is why we recommend US Mineral Exchange so that you don’t make the same mistake!

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