Mineral Rights Value
in McMullen County Texas

Are you currently receiving oil and gas royalties in McMullen County Texas?  If so, we can help you understand mineral rights value in McMullen County Texas!   Even if you aren’t yet receiving royalties, this article will help you better understand the value of your mineral rights.

Estimating mineral rights value in McMullen County Texas

Let’s just get right to it shall we?  If you are receiving oil and gas royalty checks, you can use the calculator below to estimate the value of royalties in McMullen County Texas.   To get the most accurate estimate, we recommend you input the average amount you have received for your most recent 3 check stubs.


Most buyers will pay between 4 years and 6 years of production based on the average monthly royalty check you receive. Enter your average monthly royalty check below to see how much your royalty could be worth.

Pretty large range isn’t it?  The reality is that your mineral rights could possibly be worth even more than the royalty calculator above would suggest.  The reason is that the value of royalties is based on a large number of factors.   When you take all of these factors into account, it can vary the amount that royalty buyers in Texas are willing to pay for your property.   These include the price of oil  and gas, surrounding production, additional drilling opportunities, your royalty interest, and a number of other things.   Each of these plays a role in determining mineral rights value in McMullen County Texas.

Non-Producing Mineral Rights

If you have non-producing mineral rights, it means that you do not receive a check each month.   Non-producing mineral rights still hold value.  However, it’s a lot more difficult to come up with an estimated value for mineral rights in Texas that aren’t producing.   As a rough guess, you could say you’ll get anywhere from $250/acre to $2,500+/acre.  As with royalties, the value is highly dependent on a number of different factors.  In fact, all of these will play an even larger role when it comes to non-producing mineral rights.

How to Maximize Value

If you want to find out the true value of your mineral rights and also get the maximum value, you need to place your mineral rights on the market.  However, don’t make the common mistake of looking up a couple buyers and requesting a quote.   We see mineral owners who work with individual buyers all the time.  It always ends the same way.  They are assured they are getting a fair value, then sell way below what the actual market would pay.   Don’t let that be you!

If you want to sell royalties or mineral rights for the highest possible value, list them through US Mineral Exchange.  Why?  Simple.  When you put your property online at US Mineral Exchange it’s like listing your home on the MLS.   It notified all the mineral rights buyers in the market that your property is available.  They will all come check it out and place competing bids for the property.  What does this accomplish?  You’re no longer working with a single buyer.  Now you’re working with a network of buyers which drives the price up as they all compete to outbid one another.   This means more cash in your pocket!

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