Mineral Rights

When a mineral owner decides to sell mineral rights, they may consider a mineral rights auction.  Auctions are a great way to quickly get a property sold for the highest value possible.  However, you need to make sure that if you put your property up for auction you are really going to get the best deal.

Selling mineral rights by Auction

If you want to sell mineral rights in Texas by auction, there are a few different options.  You can work with a local broker, lawyer, or mineral buyer, but you will nearly always get a bad deal.   Working with someone local can seem like the right way to sell mineral rights, but typically those connections do not reach all the buyers in the market.  If you want to sell mineral rights for the best price, you want to get exposure which leads to the best price possible.

To get exposure for your property you want to sell mineral rights online where they can be seen from mineral buyers all over the country.  There are a number of online mineral rights auctions.  However, not all of them are equal!

Concerns about Mineral Rights Auctions

The biggest issue with a mineral rights auction is whether you are truly getting enough exposure.  For a mineral rights auction to be successful, you need the property to be seen by thousands of mineral buyers.   Those buyers will then come in to compete for your property in an auction setting.

A mineral rights auction is appealing for buyers because there is transparency.  They get to see exactly they they need to pay to buy mineral rights.   When buyers compete it drives up the price leading to a better price for you.

We recommend the mineral rights auctions at US Mineral Exchange.  There are a number of different places that auction mineral rights online.  However, many do not even have an actual online auction platform.  If you closely look at their websites, you will see that there are not listings and no auctions.  They simply imply there is some sort of auction but it’s not a true mineral rights auction.  The reason we recommend US Mineral Exchange is that you can clearly see their mineral rights auctions.  In addition, we have heard from a number of mineral rights who have had very good success selling mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange.

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