We have spent a lot of time on the phone with mineral owners and with mineral rights buyers.   During this time we have learned a lot about some of the most common mineral owner questions and answers.   This post is to help summarize some of the most common questions we get.     If you have other questions, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page.   We’ll quickly respond with an answer!

Selling Mineral Rights in Texas

The best way to sell mineral rights in Texas is with US Mineral Exchange.   They will get your property out in front of thousands of buyers quickly.  Mineral owners have chosen US Mineral Exchange for years because they have a history of getting results.

If you have an offer to sell mineral rights, that’s great news!  It means there is demand for your property.   With that said, do not sell mineral rights in Texas without getting competing offers.  An offer to sell mineral rights in Texas is just the starting point.  You need to get more offers to ensure you are getting the best price.

This is an extremely common question.   The answer is that it’s a very personal decision.  You’ll hear a lot of people say to “never sell” and you should ignore those people.   Selling makes sense for a lot of people.  Check out an article we wrote about should you sell mineral rights or not.

There are a lot of different entities who buy mineral rights.   Keep in mind that all buyers are not equal!  You need to find the right buyer for your property.  There are a lot of shady people who claim to be buyers but aren’t!  Before you sell mineral rights in Texas, make sure you are working with a good one.   Working with a professional broker can help which is why we recommend US Mineral Exchange.

The short answer is to get your property in front of as many mineral rights buyers as you can.   The more buyers that know your property is available the better.   Competition drives up prices and ensures that you get paid the highest possible price.   Getting maximum value is all about avoiding the bad buyers out there and locating the one who can afford to pay you the highest amount.

Short answer:  No!   Even people who work in oil and gas choose to sell mineral rights through brokers.   When you sell on your own you are opening yourself up to risk.  There are a lot of bad buyers out there who prey on mineral owners who don’t know what they are doing.  They make low ball offers and they know you don’t know how much your property is worth.  They’ll tell you it’s a good deal but it’s not.   Selling mineral rights in Texas on your own is almost never the right choice.

Selling Oil and Gas Royalties in Texas

Each situation is unique.  If you want to sell oil and gas royalties that’s your decision.  For a lot of people selling oil and gas royalties in Texas makes sense.  You may have a personal situation and you could use the cash.  You may simply want more cash for retirement.  Whatever the reason, selling is your choice.  If you want to sell oil and gas royalties in Texas just make sure you get the best price!

If you want to sell oil and gas royalties in Texas, our recommendation is US Mineral Exchange.  Mineral owners turn to US Mineral Exchange because they consistently help mineral owners get the best price. If you want to sell oil and gas royalties we highly recommend you work with a professional.   Selling at US Mineral Exchange is your best option.

Never sell oil and gas royalties on your own.  Finding buyers for oil and gas royalties is very easy.  There is a lot of demand out there for oil and gas royalties.  A lot of mineral owners fall into the trap of assuming they can do it on their own.  You absolutely can, but you won’t be selling for the best price.   There are a lot of buyers out there that don’t even have websites.  They rely on brokers to bring them deals.   Listing your property with a reputable broker like US Mineral Exchange will ensure you get the best price.

Just do a quick google search.  You’ll find literally hundreds of website offering to purchase your property. However….you need to be extremely cautious.  Finding buyers is easy.  Find the right buyer who can pay you the highest price is not easy.  There are hundreds of website set up just to make you low ball offers.  If they get just a few people to sell their property below market value it’s worth their time.   They take advantage of royalty owners who don’t know how much their property is worth

Mineral Rights Value in Texas

This is one of the most frequent questions we get. How much are mineral rights worth?  It really depends on a lot of factors.  If you are leased your property is worth about 2x to 3x the lease bonus.  If you have royalties it could be 4 years to 6 years times the average amount you receive each month.  If you are not leased and are not getting royalties, it could be worth a few hundred per acre or thousands per acre.   To find out what mineral rights are worth in Texas you have to place the property on the market to know for sure.

Your oil and gas royalties are worth between 4 years to 6 years times the average monthly check you receive.  Look at your last 3 months of checks and then find the average monthly amount.  Enter that in the first box below for an estimate.

The best way to sell mineral rights for maximum value is to list them at US Mineral Exchange.  Working with an industry professional who can get your property in front of buyers is important.  Doing so allows you to test the market and get paid the highest amount.   A lot of mineral owners fall into the trap of doing it on their own.  Don’t let that be you!

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